Reliable low-cost telephone systems for your business.

Tailored to fit the needs of your business today and in the future.

We know that you don’t think about your businesses telephone system every day: why should you? It’s only when something goes wrong, or if your business is undergoing change, that you consider the alternatives.

At Vision we work with the leading manufacturers to offer a full range of telephony systems to meet the needs of your business today and tomorrow.  Whether your business is large or small; whether you need a simple two-user telephone system or a multi-feature system for a large organisation – we can help.

The right business telephone system for you 

Our job is to analyse the way that you work and match those needs with the most advanced and appropriate technology around. We provide PBX Telephony though to advanced hosted VoIP: traditional to cutting-edge. What matters is that the system you chose fits your business and is sufficiently flexible to adapt as your business develops.  Many of our customers like to keep things as simple as possible; others prefer to be seen to be leaders in their communications technology. The choice is yours.

Technology from leading telephony suppliers

We work with all the leading telephony suppliers – Avaya, Mitel, Panasonic and NEC – to provide a wide range of digital and IP telephone systems.

Call Management Software

Call management software transforms your business telephone system from a simple communication device into a vital business management tool. Our call management software will provide business information – such as call logging, response times, caller ID, etc. – and offer a call recording system that might be essential for quality control and for the gathering of data.   


All installation work is carried out by our professional and fully qualified engineers. We can install and support your new business telephone system, or upgrade your existing hardware, software and network technology quickly, efficiently and without any disruption to your business.


A telephone system maintenance contract with Vision will allow you to concentrate on the running of your business, reassured that the maintenance engineers at Vision will look after your telephone system for you. If your business landlines are through Vision, one call to our team of fully trained field and helpdesk engineers will sort out any problem. If your business landlines are from another provider we will liaise with the company to resolve faults quickly and effectively.  

Our Helpdesk engineers are ready to assist by giving advice on the telephone.  Many problems can be sorted out remotely; if not they will arrange a site visit from a qualified engineer. 



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Hosted IP Telephony

If your business is a multi-site operation or needs a simple, cost-effective way of communicating with home workers and remote offices, IP Telephony might be the best choice for you. Vision’s Hosted IP Centrex VoIP systems are operated from secure data centres. Calls are delivered over our IP network and are ideal for businesses that are looking to grow. They do not require expensive hardware, can be quickly adapted to meet your needs, and can save you money too.

Thinking ahead

When planning your business telephone system it’s essential to look to the future as well as consider the present. A PBX Phone System needs to be sufficiently flexible to change as the needs of your business changes to meet market demands. The future is never certain and the ability to react quickly can make a great difference to long-term success.

We will help you choose the right telephone technology from the start, ensuring that it meets your needs now and yet leaves you free to take advantage of new technology as it emerges in the future. 

 “Reliable low-cost telephone systems for your business”