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EE & BT Business


EE was excited to announce that it has officially joined the BT Group, resulting in the creation of one of the UK’s biggest communications and IT companies. EE has promised it will continue to provide its customers with the great services they rely on through the UK’s biggest, fastest and most reliable mobile network. As part of joining the BT … Continue reading

Vision Hosted Voip


Vision have just launched a New “Hosted Voip Solution” for Small & Medium Business. Vision Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is more than just a phone system, our cloud based solution gives you complete control of calls, mobiles, voicemail, conferencing & messaging using our online portal. Our customers have been waiting for this solution and the up take has been incredible … Continue reading

New Business 2 Plus launched by BT Openreach


BT Openreach has announced the new Business 2 Plus, a new service for business customers The aim of the new service maintenance level is to offer improved repair services, which are better suited to the modern business market. This new service level is referred to as Care Level 2.5 & BT Openreach aims to achieve the on-time repair set out … Continue reading

Avaya Aura – don’t waste time on hold, use web text!


Business Telephone Systems – Were all busy business people, and the last thing we want to be doing is spending time on hold and hearing the treaded message “We are very busy … your call will be answered in …” There are a dozen other things we could be doing, than wasting time on hold. Webtext with Avaya Aura to … Continue reading

EE Pocket Landline


EE Pocket Landline available on Business Mobiles  Why get Pocket Landline? Small business generally need a landline, new customers find it reassuring, makes you look like an established business and lets them know you’re location. However all landlines needs someone in the office or shop and its no good if your out all the time. That’s why EE pocket landline … Continue reading