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It’s easy to switch
You’ll need a landline to your property to get O2 Home Broadband – if you don’t have one, we can put one in for you. If you already have broadband, you need to ask your broadband provider for a Mac key (they have to give you it by law). Let us know when you’ve got it and we’ll do the rest. We’ll switch you over in around two weeks, and you shouldn’t be without your broadband for more than a couple of hours.

It’s easy to set up
Once you’ve ordered O2 Home Broadband, it takes about two weeks to get you up and running. By the time your line is ready to go, you’ll have received your O2 Home Broadband pack with the O2 wireless box. Watch the setup CD, follow the instructions and plug in the box when it tells you to. That’s all it takes.

Change your mind, get your money back
Sign up with our money back guarantee and try us out. If you change your mind, you get your money back.


Not quite ready?
If you’re tied to another contract, no problem. Just let us know when it runs out and we’ll get in touch nearer the time.

o2 Business Broadband Packages

Helping our customers join it all up

Here at Vision Mobile, we are an O2 approved supplier of business landlines.  O2 is gaining a reputation for being a very reliable business landline supplier.  O2 business landlines are available for the following types of line.

Switching your business broadband is easy, with minimal hassle, upheaval or risk. When you choose O2 business broadband we’ll give you a free router, 24/7 UK technical support and antivirus security from McAfee for the length of your business broadband contract.

We’ll include everything in a simple cost per month and we won’t add any charges on top. O2 business broadband uses ADSL2+ technology so you can get the best experience possible. And the O2 happiness guarantee gives you 30 days to change your mind.


We’ll take care of the switching and you can enjoy award winning support. We can also transfer your Landline.

You can also benefit from the following -

  • FREE wireless router supports 802.11 n/g & b , 4 ethernet ports
  • FREE Static IP
  • FREE connection from your existing supplier
  • FREE McAfee licenses (up to 10)
  • FREE technical support
  • Happiness Guarantee gives you 30 days to change your mind

Already with o2

If you have your business mobiles or business landlines with O2, or both, joining everything up by switching your broadband to us will make running your business even easier with joined up comms and get better rates because you’re already our customer. One bill. One point of contact for everything. Joining up your O2 business communications, brilliantly. 

Simple Broadband set up

Your O2 business broadband box includes an easy to follow CD guide. You’ll need a BT wholesale analogue line connected, or we can set it up for you at the same time as your O2 business broadband. You can get a landline from o2 as well. 
If you have business broadband with another supplier, all you need to do is contact them for a MAC key and pass it on to us, we’ll do the rest.

Support when you need it

At O2, they’ll give you round-the-clock free support if something does goes wrong, and promise to get you up and running again as soon as possible.
You’ll also benefit from the ‘My o2′ desktop application that acts as an ongoing trouble-shooter on your desktop, looking for niggles and fixing them before you know it.
If you’re looking to switch from your existing provider, we’re here to make it as hassle-free as possible.