4G+ Small Business – Do More of What You Love, EVEN FASTER!

4G+ Small Business – EE is introducing 4G+ which is just like fibre on your phone with download speeds of up to 90MB/second. Initially 4G+ will only be available in parts of London but will allow users to get fibre speeds on their mobile when they are out and about giving them the capability of downloading huge files on the go.


Data consumption is set to more than triple by 2018. It’s new innovations like 4G+ that mean our network will be ready for what the future holds.
And don’t forget, we’re already the only network to offer double speed 4GEE, bringing speeds of up to 60Mb/second to over 35 million people nationwide.
The first network to launch 4G, the first network to double 4GEE speeds, and the first network to launch up to 90Mb/second mobile data speeds in London. We said we were going to give you the biggest and fastest network possible, and we meant it

Super-coverage and superfast internet on the go, with the UK’s first mobile 4G network. Whatever your business we have the 4G Business Mobile solution for your business, call our 4G team on 0871 200 3274 or email us enquiries@visionmobileuk.co.uk.