O2 4G Rollout & Improving Motorway Signal

O2 4G Rollout

O2′s 4G network now covers 575 towns and cities, currently with 63% indoor population coverage – that’s almost 75% outdoor population coverage. The network plans to continue upgrading its 2G and 3G networks, and rolling out 4G, as part of a five-year £3bn plus network modernisation program – until it reaches its target of 98% UK (indoor) population coverage by the end of 2017.

The areas to recently get 4G include; Rugby, Grantham, Dover, Rochford, Tonbridge, Yeovil, Neston and Ayr. Places next in line to get O2 4G are; Chester, Swansea, Newhaven, Taunton amongst others.

For further details on O2′s network coverage have a look at the O2 coverage checker O2 Coverage Checker

Improving Motorway Signal

For O2, motorways are a key part of their network improvements as it understands good signal on these roads is critical for Business customers. Some of the ways that O2 is working to improve its motorway network include:

  • Upgrading transmission and radio links on its main motorway masts
  • Intensive drive testing of the Top 10 busiest motorway networks (by motorway traffic) with its super car fleet
  • Analysing data from all of its users on Touchpoint (over 2m customers and all O2 employees) so that every time they drive on a motorway O2 can see their experience and can use it to help drive action
  • O2 puts these two data sources together and feeds them into a new database which takes all of this input and gives O2 real time recommendations for improvement. O2 will know if it needs to tilt an antenna or add a neighbour cell straight away

O2 has also been looking locally at its regional networks and local teams on the ground have each put in place improvement plans over and above this work.

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