New Business 2 Plus launched by BT Openreach

BT Openreach has announced the new Business 2 Plus, a new service for business customers The aim of the new service maintenance level is to offer improved repair services, which are better suited to the modern business market.

This new service level is referred to as Care Level 2.5 & BT Openreach aims to achieve the on-time repair set out in the package at least 80% of the time within six months of the launch.

All WLR PSTN Premium lines will move over to the new Business 2 Plus system and customers will be pleased to know that this upgrade will take place automatically. Openreach have invested heavily to bring this new service to market and more resource will be available to both service and management. 

Customers can expect a number of new features via this service, including priority repairs, improvements in service management support, a new free product for diverting calls and discounts on a number of services, such as requesting a named engineer and obtaining more focussed appointments. Business 2 Plus is just one of a number of planned products and services designed specifically for the UK business market.

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