Avaya Aura – don’t waste time on hold, use web text!

Business Telephone Systems – Were all busy business people, and the last thing we want to be doing is spending time on hold and hearing the treaded message “We are very busy … your call will be answered in …” There are a dozen other things we could be doing, than wasting time on hold.

Webtext with Avaya Aura to the Rescue
The answer comes in a new technology from Webtext, the 2014 Avaya Innovation Award winner. Webtext Call Directed to Text allows Avaya customers who use Avaya Aura® Contact Centre, Call Centre Elite Multichannel and other Avaya customer service platforms to offer their customers the option to interact directly with an agent using SMS text messaging.

So often, all we need is a simple answer to one of a number of simple questions: Imagine if instead of the usual hold message we were offered, “We are experiencing exceptionally heavy call volumes. If you’d like to interact immediately with an agent using SMS text messaging, say or press ‘one.’”
A text message can be automatically delivered to called device & your customers could respond and be served immediately? Then the urgent question is answered quickly and you’ve got the information you needed.

Some questions and queries require a conversation; In that case, the voice option always remains. A texting session can be escalated to the voice channel as simply as sending back a short phrase such as, “Speak to an Agent.”

While a call centre agent can only speak effectively to one person at a time, text is different – on average, text-enabled agents can handle as many as eight times the number of text interactions as voice calls in the same period.
This means benefits to you, greater efficiency and lower costs for the business.

Using a Small Business Telecoms systems or an Enterprise telephone system, Upgrade now to Avaya Aura and get texting using Webtext Call Direct to Text!

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