EE Pocket Landline

EE Pocket Landline available on Business Mobiles 

Why get Pocket Landline?

Small business generally need a landline, new customers find it reassuring, makes you look like an established business and lets them know you’re location. However all landlines needs someone in the office or shop and its no good if your out all the time.

That’s why EE pocket landline if perfect.

You get a local landline number that rings straight to your mobile. You could also transfer a current landline number, subject to a few checks. Either way, you have an office phone with all the benefits that come with it, now sitting neatly in your pocket.

Plus, if you get Pocket Landline before 31 March 2014, you’ll get the first three months free.


Pocket Landline features

Fixed cost
Pocket Landline costs from £10 a month and your caller only pays standard landline rates. It’s fixed, so there are no unexpected charges.

A landline reassures customers. And because it’s local, people can see where you’re based – really helpful if they’re after a local supplier.

Because calls go to your mobile, there’s never any need to rush back to base to pick up your messages. And if it’s urgent, you won’t miss the call.



There are three different types of Pocket Landline. Whichever you choose, managing your landline on the move is really easy.

One landline number directing to one mobile. This is ideal if you’re a sole trader working in one area.

Multiple landline numbers directing to one mobile. This is ideal if you’re a sole trader working in more than one area.

One landline number directing to multiple mobiles. This is ideal for businesses with more than one employee.


Put your office in your pocket for just £25 a month

Get a local landline number on your mobile by calling Vision Mobile now on 0871 200 3274 and speak to our EE Business Team who are Business Telecommunications Specialists.